Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Description
hpHydrogen peroxide (H2O2) HTP 85-98% concentrated is easy to use, not expensive to handle and environmental-friendly . There is no need to keep it in sealed containers in very low temperature. This substance could be held very easily in room temperature. The whole process (from storage to use) with Hydrogen Peroxide do not require special equipment or very expensive and rigorous safety measures. For safe handling just plastic protective clothing is used. Output of Hydrogen Peroxide decomposition process is water and oxygen which means environmental friendly characteristics . This substance is the second strong oxidizer just after liquid oxygen. Hydrogen Peroxide HTP class is ideal proposition for rocketry industry. It has unique feature of being propellant and oxidizer. Thanks to this ability it could be used as oxidizer for satellite correction engines or as propellant for gas generators used in Auxiliary Power Units (APU).

2. Technical data

Physical state Liquid
Color Colorless
Odor Odorless
Concentration 85-98%
Density 1,2-1,44g/cm³
ISP (when used as propellant) 192s
ISP (when used as oxidizer) 290s
Storage HDPE bulks
Storing temperature Room temperature
Temperature of adiabatic decomposition 920ºC
Oxygen mass rate in adiabatic decomposition 46%
Freezing point -2,5ºC
Boiling point 149ºC
Flash point >85ºC
Corrosive Yes
Explosive No
Land transport Yes (ADR convention)
Sea transport Yes (IMDG convention)
River transport Yes (AND convention)
Air transport No  (IATA convention)