Laboratory apparatus

The Jakusz SpaceTech laboratory is equipped with modern high-end research and measurement equipment.

ICP-OES Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Plus

The Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Plus ICP-OES series is an optical emission spectroscopy series with inductively coupled plasma excitation. Typical samples analyzed by ICP-OES are liquids. Samples are pumped through a nebulizer to produce a fine spray. Large droplets are removed by the spray chamber, and then small droplets are passed into the plasma. The solvent evaporates and the remaining sample breaks down into atoms and ions. These are excited by the radio frequency (RF) waves generated by the plasma, which has a temperature of about 9000 K. When they decay to a lower energy state, they emit a set of wavelengths of light that is unique to each element, making it possible to measure trace element concentrations in a wide range of samples.

Toledo Density Meter

Allows a series of measurements to be taken one after the other: a built-in electric sampling pump fills and empties the measuring cell fully automatically at the push of a button.

Measuring range 0 g/cm3 – 3 g/cm3

Accuracy ±0.001 g/cm3

Repeatability 0.0005

Sample temperature range 0 °C – 50 °C

Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer with Fourier transform, Thermo Scientific

This is a technique used to obtain an infrared spectrum of the absorption or emission of a solid or liquid. The purpose of the FTIR technique, is to measure how much light a sample absorbs at each wavelength. The term Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy derives from the fact that the Fourier transform (a mathematical process) is required to transform the raw data into the actual spectrum.

The FTIR has additional equipment:

-Pearl SPECAC instrument dedicated to the determination of double bonds in a molecule

-Smart iTX for other determinations such as solids.

ThermoFisher Scientific GENESYS180 UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Determines the color of liquid and solid products in the molten state or in solution according to the Gardner scale. It can quantify the content of heavy metals in the test substance. It is used in the examination of drugs and biologically active substances, such as proteins. VISCOTEK GPCmax VISCOTEK TDA

Enables determination of molecular weight. It uses a molecular exclusion mechanism to separate substances solely by the size of their molecules in solution.

Multi N/C 3100 Analyzer

The Mutli N/C Analyzer is an instrument to determine the total carbon and/or total nitrogen content of aqueous samples. The determination is made by thermocatalytic decomposition in the presence of a special catalyst according to national and international standards. The multi N / C 3100 analyzer is versatile due to its large measuring range, high degree of automation and expandability.

Karl Fisher – Mettler Toledo C30S coulometric titrator with printer, without diaphragm

The determination of water content is based on Karl Fischer titration. This is a standard method specifically designed for the determination of water content, giving accurate and precise results within minutes. It uses a technique to precisely generate iodine into the system by electrolysis.

Shimadzu High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

High-performance liquid chromatography allows the separation of components of homogeneous mixtures as a result of their different separation between the mobile and stationary phases of the chromatographic system. It provides the possibility for both the identification of substances and their quantitative analysis, even at low concentrations and in the presence of other compounds.

Titrator Easy Plus – Easy OX

Automatic titrator, which increases reproducibility by ensuring the same analysis procedure every time. For titration based on the redox reaction.

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