The tests with propellants

We perform research services and scientific experiments using space fuels.

We offer material compatibility tests. The tests analyze whether the material from which it is made (tank, pipeline, pump, valve) is suitable for contact with liquid space fuel. After completion of the immersion tests, we conduct research on changes in the mechanical properties of the material and the physicochemical properties of the fuel.

We offer tests in accordance with the standards of ECSS, NASA, ASTM, ISO, ESA etc.

Jakusz SpaceTech Research Center has been researching and producing concentrated hydrogen peroxide up to 98% concentration (High Test Peroxide) for more than 5 years. In cooperation with the European Space Agency, we have conducted 5 research projects on the use of HTP as rocket fuel and space fuel. ESA promotes the use of HTP because commonly used hydrazine is carcinogenic and harmful to the environment. Research and experiments using HTP are being conducted around the world.

With us you will complete any project using any liquid space fuel.

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