Determination of metals at the ppb level

The ICP-OES Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Plus series is a series of optical emission spectroscopy with induction in plasma. Typical samples analyzed by ICP-OES are liquids. Samples are pumped through a nebulizer to produce a fine spray. Large droplets are removed through the spray chamber, and then small droplets pass into the plasma. The solvent evaporates and the remaining sample decomposes into atoms and ions. They are excited by radio waves (RF) generated plasma, which has a temperature of about 9000 K. When they decay to a lower energy state, they emit a set of wavelengths of light that is unique to each element, which allows measurement of trace concentrations of elements in a wide range of samples.
Metal determination by ICP-OES: Al, Sn, Cr, Pb, Mn, Fe, Cu, Ni, Sb, As, Au, Zn, Ti. Other to be agreed.

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