Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

More than 80% of the medicines sold in Europe contain the active ingredient from China or India. The active substance – API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) is the most important component of the drug, because only this substance has healing properties.

Professor Zbigniew Fijałek from the Medical University of Warsaw, director of the National Medicines Institute in 2005–2015, says directly: “The consequences of long-term interruptions in supplies from India may be tragic. We are currently completely dependent on supplies from Asia, mainly China and India. As a result, our health largely depends on the policies of countries on the other side of the globe. If China and India blocked supplies at the same time, our hospitals could close, because there would be nothing to treat, says Prof. Fijałek. – Unfortunately, basing production on Chinese factories is dangerous. Many of them do not apply too high standards in production, pollution appears. And European and American drug manufacturers, although they could carefully check the product delivered to them, do not do it so as not to incur additional costs, says Prof. Fijałek.

One thing should be emphasized that for most pharmaceutical companies producing drugs, the purchase cost of the active substance is important. It is known that Chinese and Indian products have very low prices due to the low cost of wages. Unfortunately, often the low price of the products goes hand in hand with the low quality and instability of the composition.

The active substance (API) is often a chemical compound obtained in the form of an uncomplicated synthesis and purification process. We, as a chemical company, are willing to undertake the production of various active substances, as we have extensive experience in developing production technologies as well as designing and launching production lines.

We invite pharmaceutical companies to submit inquiries in the field of API production.

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