Organic silicon


Many people associate silicon with substances, which guarantee beautiful hair and nails. However, this element has a great influence on our health and life. Silicon is responsible for proper functioning of soft tissues, i.e. synovial fluid, tendons, cartilage and blood vessels. Elderly people, especially women, are the group most vulnerable to deficiency of this element. In many food products, silicon is used as an anti-caking agent, but its bioavailability in this form is below 1%. The bioavailability of more than 40% is offered by orthosilicic acid, which is present naturally in fruit, cereal products and spring water. Unfortunately, in an aqueous environment, orthosilicic acid is polymerized into polysilicic acid, which has a much lower digestibility by the human body.


Organic silicon

In order to increase the absorption of silicon by the human body, scientists have developed another form of silicon compound, called organic silicon. The chemical name of this compound is Monomethylsilanetriol, abbreviated as MMST (CAS 2445-53-6). Organic silicon – MMST does not undergo polymerization and is well soluble in water, which guarantees its efficient circulation in the blood.

Organic silicon is approved for use in dietary supplements. This compound, due to its durability and significant bioavailability, is a component of numerous preparations that are a source of silicon.


Our production of organic silicon

We offer a concentrated solution of organic silicon with a content of 2,4 g/l MMST, which corresponds to a silicon (Si) content of 720 mg/l. In order to produce a dietary supplement, it is enough to dilute the solution and, should you wish to do so, add other ingredients to broaden the spectrum of the supplement’s activity.


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