Chemical and process engineering

Our qualified team of engineers designs and constructs technological installations tailored to the individual requirements of contractors and the nature of the designed processes.

Our analytical chemical laboratory is equipped with numerous specialized equipment allowing us to monitor the processes and products obtained on an ongoing basis.

Jakusz SpaceTech operates in three spheres of chemical engineering:

– research and development

– constructional – technological

– plant production and commissioning.

In our research laboratory we have a pilot apparatus enabling, among others conducting chemical reactions under elevated and reduced pressure conditions or in an inert gas atmosphere and purification of products by vacuum distillation, fractional distillation, extraction or crystallization.

We have special experience in designing installations for the production of organic compounds and the synthesis of liquid rubbers. We have experience in manufacturing with the use of hazardous and pyrophoric substances.

We work with respected manufacturers of reactors, fittings and control and measurement equipment:

  1. Pumps and valves – Tapflo, AZ-Armaturen, Saga, ARA Pneumatik, Pneumatig, Pneumat-System, Neumo, Bajk, Lutz, Edvac, Envitest
  2. Measurement sensors – Introl, Aplisens, Endress + Hauser, Czaki, APAR,
  3. Controllers and automation – B&R, Siemens.


Examples of completed projects

Development of technology, design, construction of the installation and commissioning of the installation at the contracting authority’s premises

  1. Synthesis, purification and drying of di-n-propyl adipate;
  2. Concentration and purification of hydrogen peroxide;
  3. Syntheses by anionic polymerization of liquid polymers, e.g. polybutadiene
  4. Synthesis of hydroxyl-functional polybadiene-isoprene copolymer.


Services offered:

design of process installations

making process installations

selection of devices

optimization of technological processes

designing production processes

solving technological problems

automation of technological

processes developing

process control methods

developing methods of quality

control of the final product

developing methods of quality

control of raw materials.

We approach each project individually, we help in the selection of optimized and effective systems and solutions.

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