Chemical and process engineering

Jakusz SpaceTech operates in three areas of process engineering:
– constructional – technological
– research and development
– production.
Our qualified and experienced team of engineers designs technological installations tailored to the requirements and nature of the process. We guarantee the safety and efficiency of solutions. We develop technological processes based on our knowledge and available literature and patent data, as well as conduct experimental work in the field of optimization.

We cooperate with numerous universities and research institutes. We are open to solving unusual problems that require an individual approach. In our research laboratory we have a pilot apparatus enabling, among others conducting chemical reactions under elevated and reduced pressure conditions or in an inert gas atmosphere and purification of products by vacuum distillation, fractional distillation, extraction or crystallization.

A chemical laboratory equipped with numerous analytical equipment allows us to monitor the products obtained on an ongoing basis. We have special experience in designing installations for the production of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide and the synthesis of liquid rubbers. We approach each client individually, we help in the selection of optimized and effective systems and solutions.