DMAZ or 2-dimethylaminoethyl azide (2-dimethylaminoethylazide) is a liquid rocket fuel. Many of its physicochemical properties are similar to monomethylhydrazine (MMH). Consequently, DMAZ is a great candidate to replace this carcinogenic and toxic substance in the future. Studies conducted so far indicate that this substitute is much safer. Furthermore, DMAZ can be used either in binary systems – as a fuel along with an oxidizer – or in single-component systems as an independent propellant. The hypergolic (spontaneous) ignition in contact with some oxidizers is also a very advantageous feature, eliminating the need for an additional ignition system in the engine. Although DMAZ belongs to the group of organic azides, due to its molecular structure, it turns out to be a much more stable compound than others in this group. This substance shows neither sensitivity to impact or friction, nor explosive properties. Nowadays, environmental protection and the reduction of the use of hazardous substances are of great importance. The same trend is observed in the space industry as well. Alternative green rocket fuels are being sought to replace hydrazine. DMAZ is one such candidate.

Technical data

Molar mass 114 g/mol
Specific pulse 308,2 s
Enthalpy of creation 586 cal/g
Boiling point 135°C
Melting point -68,9°C
Density 0,933 g/cm3
Viscosity 2 cP
Surface tension 25 dyn/cm
Flash point 29,4°C
Specific impulse (DMAZ-NTO) 352 s
Density pulse (DMAZ-NTO) 457,6 s

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