HTP research center

We provide research services and scientific experiments with the use of HTP. With us, you can carry out any project using HTP.

The Jakusz SpaceTech research center has been conducting research and production of concentrated hydrogen peroxide up to a concentration of 98% (High Test Peroxide) for over 5 years. As part of cooperation with the European Space Agency, we conducted 5 research projects on the use of HTP as rocket fuel and space fuel. ESA promotes the use of HTP because the commonly used hydrazine is carcinogenic and harmful to the environment. Research and experiments using HTP are conducted all over the world.

For all high-energy (explosive) materials, the greatest risk is transportation and handling by inexperienced researchers. For example, for HTP, air transport is prohibited, while other forms of transport require special conditions, i.e. individual transport at a temperature below 15 degrees Celsius. In practice, the transport of 3 kg HTP requires a separate refrigerated truck or a separate sea container, which is a huge cost compared to the HTP value.

On the other hand, our specialists have been working with HTP every day for several years, during production, research and experimentation. We have extensive experience in the safe handling of all activities using HTP, which is an explosive substance when mishandled or in contact with other substances.

We offer all entities working with HTP services in the implementation of any research or scientific projects. We have test stands, a test hall, and our own chemical laboratory specializing in HTP analyzes. Of course, we have an experienced team of chemists with various specialties, from analysts to constructors.

You can do all research and experiments with the use of HTP. In addition to reliable results, you can personally take part in them or watch them live or receive a recording of your research. We ensure the safety of researchers, while reducing the costs of experiments and research using HTP.

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Grzegorz Głowacki – Commercial Director
tel. +48 572 411 517