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FAIR: DUPHAT 2021 – DUBAI 05-07.04.2021

Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia, as part of the Pomeranian Export Broker project, invited entrepreneurs from the dietary supplements, healthy nutrition and medical industries, producers and suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients, processing and packaging solutions, laboratory equipment and quality control for the needs of logistics and the supply chain.

After 24 editions, DUPHAT has become the most sought-after event for key decision makers in the Middle East and Africa pharmaceutical industry as it showcases the latest trends from pharmacy automation, robotics and improved pharmacy services to ready-made recipes. Every year, DUPHAT also attracts 100 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and regional manufacturers who present their latest products and services in this field.

Co-financing conditions:

admission to the Fair



information about the company in the trade fair folder

costs of fair fees and the company’s exposure to the joint position of the Pomeranian region

The estimated cost of participation of 2 representatives of one entrepreneur in the fair is PLN 30,000 net, in the case of 1 entrepreneur’s representative PLN 24,250 net, of which co-financing:

– 85% of the cost in the event of using de minimis aid

– 50% of the cost in the event of using public aid for the fair

Own contribution: The estimated entrepreneur’s own contribution with a maximum co-financing of 85% of the costs is PLN 4,500 net. The Jakusz SpaceTech delegation consists of two people.