Research services

The Jakusz SpaceTech chemical laboratory has a quality management certificate according to ISO 9001.

Jakusz SpaceTech provides following test services:

  • Liquid density measurement

  • Dry residue measurement

  • pH determination

  • Liquid stability in time and temperature conditions

  • Titration

  • Anion determination by ion chromatography: chlorides, nitrates, sulfates, phosphates, ammonium ions. Other ions to be agreed.

  • Total Organic Carbon determination

  • Metal determination by ICP-OES: Al, Sn, Cr, Pb, Mn, Fe, Cu, Ni, Sb, As, Au, Zn, Ti. Other to be agreed.

  • Metal strength tests: stretching, tearing, hardness, propagation of cracks.

  • General metal corrosion

  • Strength tests of polymeric materials: stretching, tearing, hardness, permanent compression during compression

  • Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

  • Thermomechanical analysis (TMA)

  • Testing the solubility of gases in a liquid

  • Surface tension and contact angle of liquids

  • Oxidative properties of the substance

  • Testing of corrosive properties of liquids